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Relation Labs has announced it had commenced the launch of the Season 1 airdrop of its native $REL token.
Stablecoin infrastructure developer Stably says it has rolled out the first BRC20 standard stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollar.
Canaan's report showed elevated losses and subdued revenue, which made the firm’s shares tumble in the premarket.
Banco Central de Brasil has announced it had selected 14 parties for participation in the country’s CBDC pilot.
Weeks after Blur launched its NFT lending platform, Binance has launched its non-fungible tokens loan feature.
Digital Currency Group reportedly is shutting down its prime brokerage and institutional trading platform TradeBlock.
South Korea moved quickly to pass a new bill that makes crypto disclosure for high-ranking public officials mandatory.
The European Systemic Risk Board has asked lawmakers to limit leverage in crypto trading to mitigate risk and ensure financial stability.
The shares of the chip-making giant Nvidia surged more than 26% in Wednesday’s after-hours trading.
Nigeria’s central bank governor announced a seventh consecutive interest rate increase to 18.5% as the country grapples with severe inflation.
China-based suppliers of ingredients used to produce synthetic opioid fentanyl reportedly raked in more than $27 million in crypto payments.
While Multichain has been experiencing some issues for days, things came to a boiling point on Wednesday after rumors started spreading that its team was arrested in China.
BNB Smart Chain overtook Ethereum as the leading blockchain in decentralized exchange volumes
Cybersecurity firm called Unciphered has posted a video in which it claims to showcase a successful hack of Satoshi Labs’ Trezor T wallet.
The high court in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, has overturned the decision to release Do Kwon on bail.