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24/7 Wall St. & Zogby Poll: Democratic Primary

Biden’s Still Frontrunner: The former vice president, Joe Biden, still holds a commanding lead over his closest rivals, Senators Bernie Sanders (VT-I) and Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) in our latest ...
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Trump in Dead Heats With Biden and Sanders, Half of Voters “Silently” Support Trump

24/7 Wall St.–Zogby Analytics Presidential Poll Since our last poll, released May 14th, Trump has improved his position against Democratic frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. He is in ...
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24/7 Wall St. & Zogby Analytics BattleGround State Poll: Most Alaskan Voters Do Not Support Trump but Agree on Certain Issues

More than half of voters in Alaska say they tell people they do not support President Trump but in private agree with him on certain issues. It’s astonishing that ...
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