Following a crash in Texas that killed two while the driver's seat was allegedly unoccupied, Consumer Reports has shown how it would be possible for such a thing to have happened.
Goldman Sachs on Wednesday downgraded its ratings on two EV makers, citing concerns about time to market, among other worries.
A crash near Houston killed two occupants of a Tesla Model S sedan. Authorities are trying to determine if the car's self-driving features were engaged and being used correctly.
Electric cars are coming down the road. Volvo recently announced that it will sell only electric cars beginning in 2030. In a move that will have even a greater impact on the automotive industry,...
Car company brand reputations are precious. Volkswagen found that out the hard way with an emission scandal that started in 2015 and affected over 10 million cars. VW lost billions of dollars, and...
China's Geely on Thursday launched the first EV from its new Zeekr brand. The car is taking aim at higher-end models from Tesla and Nio and will be available in China later this year.
Some cars have so little demand that dealers are stuck with vehicles that sit on the lot for months.
The car most in-demand in the United States last month was the only two-seat sports car that has been made continuously for over six decades.
Buick appears to be successful enough to remain part of the GM lineup for years to come. However, the past shows that car companies, like their customers, can be fickle.
As tech companies continued to be out of favor in March, electric vehicle makers saw short sellers piling into their stocks. Traditional automakers, meanwhile, saw a decline in short interest.
Tesla saw its short interest rise into the most recent settlement date, as the shares rallied.
Car prices have risen fairly steadily over the past several decades. The average car price in the United States has been boosted by the trend to buy large sport utility vehicles, crossovers and...
The best-selling vehicle by far in the first quarter of this year was the Ford F-Series.
Demand for the Chevy Bolt EV has been brisk. Nevertheless, it is being offered at a discount of 27% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.
Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas has reiterated the firm's rating and price target on Tesla stock. He also explains why he believes Tesla will snag the lion's share of the benefits for EV makers in...