The car industry supply chain problem has been brutal for manufacturers, dealers, and buyers over the course of the last year. Some manufacturers have had to idle assembly lines, a number of dealer...
Porsche risks alienating customers as at least one dealer has tried to sell a car for $100,000 over the sticker price.
Ford’s shares have long depended on the success of the F-150, and that will not end as consumers turn to electric vehicles.
Toyota announced it will increase production through September despite supply chain shortages.
Lordstown has decided to rely on electric pickup sales, a business that Ford and others will soon dominate.
Volkswagen may end up as the global EV leader, edging ahead of Tesla and outpacing the balance of the industry.
Ford's stock is too cheap, pushed down largely by the market sell-off. That is not enough to justify its share price collapse.
The color of a used car can affect its resale value, according to a recent analysis. Here are the best and worst colors.
A recent analysis reveals that a Lexus SUV is the most reliable car in America.
Ford shares have fallen much too far. Whatever the negative case against the automaker, today it is overshadowed by the company's potential.
Passenger cars are not supposed to tip over in relatively minor crash tests. However, that is exactly what happened recently in a test of the Jeep Wrangler.
A look at the Lordstown stock chart shows the share price sinking toward $0.
Toyota almost certainly will be the world's largest car company again.
The car that spends the least amount of time on dealer lots before a sale is a Subaru.
From time to time, car companies misled the public about the operations of the vehicles they sell. Ford has been punished for its misleading ads.