Ford’s Lincoln brand, long ago left behind in sales by Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Lexus, can’t recover in the US, at least based on sales in the first five months of 2023. Sales are down 10.8% to...
A year ago, Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, acknowledged that the company’s quality fell below industry standards. Farley and his management team estimated that it would take two or three years...
Ford's Lincoln division has recalled nearly 143,000 SUVs to fix an issue that may cause an engine fire even when the vehicle is parked. Ford also reported May sales, and they're certainly a mixed bag.
Why so many investors want to dump Lucid stock is not a mystery.
Two notable things have happened in the car industry recently. The first is that the average car price in America rose above $40,000, driven by low supply and high demand. The other is that the...
Elon Musk can be generous because he does not think generosity counts if Ford has too few EVs on the road for it to matter.
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Rivian has been buffeted by poor results and concerns about whether it can stay in business. One of the world’s most famous investors recently dumped almost his entire position in the...
Ford admits it has a product quality issue it aims to fix. It is not going well.
Rivian continues to move toward the car model junkyard graveyard. People who buy a Rivian will end up with a collector’s item.
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