Tesla Launches Electric Race Car

October 2, 2016 by Douglas A. McIntyre

Electric GT, which modifies cars, many of them electric, will produce a Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) race car, according to Green Car Reports. They will hit the road in seven races next year. The plan may not help sell any cars, but it will be a reminder of how fast a Tesla can be.

Green Car Reports editors wrote about the new vehicle:

It’s based on the Model S P85+, the highest-performance version of the Model S before the advent of the dual-motor all-wheel drive “D” variants.

It may not be the most powerful or fastest Model S variant, but organizers say they prefer the P85+ because its rear-wheel drive is better suited to track driving than all-wheel drive.

They also believe the mechanically-simpler rear-wheel drive setup will make repairs and maintenance easier.

The Model Tesla Model S P85D is much faster, with a speed of 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. That is a full second faster that the P85+.


The powertrain remains stock, but modifications were made elsewhere.

The body now sports flared wheel arches (likely to accommodate wider tires), as well as aerodynamic aids like a large rear spoiler.

The interior was completely gutted to save weight, although Electric GT retained the 17-inch central touchscreen display.

Tesla makes self-driving cars, and now there will be a version with no seats.