Cadillac Sales Hammered in June as Flagship Sales Stall

The turnaround at Cadillac took a breather in June. Management obviously hopes that is all, and that the problem will not persist into the second half.

Cadillac sales fell 11.8% in June to 12,580. Sales of its new flagship  Sales of its new flagship CT6 were up only 5.4% to 1,014. Both numbers for June were not characteristic for the year. First-half sales for Cadillac were down 1.6% to 78,073. CT6 sales were high by 172.7% to 5,397.

Cadillac sales have been carried this year by the CT6 and XT5 crossover.  XT5 sales rose 21.6% In June to 5,091. Its sales for the first six months were higher by 313.4% to 29,798.

Cadillac lost some ground to the market leaders in June. Audi sales rose 5.3% to 19,406. Mercedes sales rose 1.7% to 32,102. BMW sales rose 0.4% to 28,962.

Cadillac has made a good deal of its success in China. But it cannot afford to fall further behind in its home market. It was, after all, America’s luxury car leader.