In the three years before 2020, Americans bought about 17 million new cars a year. Dealer closures and supply chain problems dropped just after the pandemic hit the industry hard in April 2020. The...
Peloton is an exercise equipment miracle. Driven to some extent by the COVID-19 pandemic, it sold people exercise equipment for thousands of dollars. Many of the customers had abandoned big gyms...
Best Buy, the massive consumer electronics retailer, is not giving up on retail sales. However, it has begun a move to abandon the channel. According to The Wall Street Journal, e-commerce sales in...
Ford has taken a large step toward a greener world in the United States.
Price increases among the existing streaming services may backfire. What companies make on higher prices they could lose on cancellations.
Rivian's abysmal quarterly figures raise the question about whether it will survive, at least as a standalone public company.
Manufacturers have started to get greedy as they take advantage of vehicle shortages.
Prices for used vehicles have soared over the past year and a half, especially for this electric vehicle.
A recent analysis reveals that Toyota is America's favorite car brand.
Sharp increases in the price of the Ford F-150 Lightning may undermine demand and sales. 
The stock market’s support for Coinbase has disappeared.
Good news beat out bad news for Ford over the past several weeks, but shares still have a long way to climb to return to their recent high.
Toyota issued one of its rare recalls due to an extremely dangerous malfunction.
Warren Buffett has not set a date for his retirement. He does not have to.
Softbank's founder and chief executive officer has wiped out billions of dollars of the company’s market cap on risky bets.