With share prices of electric vehicle makers soaring, it should be no surprise that short sellers are pouncing on the stocks as well.
Chinese EV maker Nio has revealed the payout for its $1.5 billion debt offering. The five-year $650 million tranched pays no interest but carries a conversion premium of 50%.
Several independent oil and gas producers have recovered large portions of their 2020 full-year losses in just the first seven days of trading in 2021. Can the run continue?
Chinese EV maker Nio plans to raise $1.5 billion in the company's second offering of senior unsecured notes. This time, buyers can expect little if any interest payments, but a big payoff in a few...
Small business owners' outlook for the new year soured in December, falling below the 47-year average as the surging pandemic and a new administration prepares to take office in Washington.
Will celebrities be enough to carry Twitter through a period when politics is no longer the source of a huge portion of its traffic?
Sidney Lumet’s 1957 drama about 12 jurors battling over the guilt or innocence of a minority youth charged with murder failed to win any awards at the 1958 Academy Awards but has lived on as a...
This past weekend, Chinese EV maker introduced its ET7 sedan, its challenge to Tesla's Model S sedan. The new EV uses a powerful new chip from Nvidia.
GameStop announcing solid sales for the holiday period sent its shares up handily on Monday morning.
The Ford F-series full-size pickup once again was the best-selling vehicle in America last year.
The film sequel with the absolute worst rating is "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2." It is one sequel that left moviegoers wishing it had never been made.
Goldman Sachs is very positive on four leading financial companies for 2021. Investors looking to add financials to portfolios can feel very comfortable adding these banking giants as they pay solid...
Everyone knows about Tesla's soaring stock price during 2020. The company has continued its run through the first few trading days of 2021 as have the stocks of a number of other EV makers.
News Break, the local news app, raised an impressive $115 million in new funding announced Thursday.
Bed Bath & Beyond reported its fiscal third quarter financial results before the markets opened on Thursday and investors were not happy.