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This Is the State Where the Most People Drive Pickups

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Pickup trucks are extremely popular in America. The best-selling vehicle over the last four decades is Ford’s F-150 pickup. Among the other bestsellers, the Chevy Silverado and the Ram pickups are always near the top. The manufacturers want to keep their tremendous sales as the future of cars shifts to electric engines. Ford recently announced it will have an electric version of the F-150 soon.

iSeeCars, an e-commerce car sales site that produces data about U.S. car and light truck sales, has created a list of pickups based on state sales. It already produces a list of the fastest-selling and slowest-selling cars by month, as well as the cars that stay on the road the longest.

The iSeeCars researchers point out that 15.1% of the cars on American roads today are pickups. Among them, the F-150, Silverado and Ram sold over 480,000 units in the second quarter of this year. The eight models in the Ford F-series range in price from $29,290 to over $73,000. The highest-end model has a built-in generator, leather seats and an expensive sound system.

To determine the states where pickups have the highest ratio of total vehicles sold, iSeeCars looked at 1.5 million sales from July 2020 to June 2021. In terms of unit sales, Texas ranked first. However, in terms of ratio to total sales, it ranked 20th.

The top seven spots were taken by Plains states and Alaska. Each is among the states that cover the most square miles and have the lowest populations. The state with the highest percentage of pickups was Wyoming at 37.2%, while the one with the lowest figure was New Jersey at 7.8%.

There are the 10 states where the most people drive pickups:

  • Wyoming (37.2%)
  • Montana (34.6%)
  • Idaho (31.1%)
  • South Dakota (30.2%)
  • Alaska (29.5%)
  • North Dakota (28.5%)
  • Vermont (24.2%)
  • Oklahoma (24.2%)
  • Arkansas (23.5%)
  • West Virginia (23.5%)

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