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Home Values are Surging in Shirley, New York

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In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. home sales slumped. Since then, however, the market has come roaring back — and rising demand, in conjunction with a relatively low supply of housing, has caused home values to surge.

According to estimates from Zillow, a Seattle-based real estate data company, between May 2020 and May 2021, the typical single-family American home appreciated in value from $253,773 to $287,148, a 13.2% increase. Of course, housing markets also respond more to local forces, and not all parts of the country followed the national pattern.

In Shirley, a CDP of about 28,600 residents in New York’s New York-Newark-Jersey City metro area, home values are rising even faster than they are nationwide. The typical single family home in Shirley was worth $368,182 as of May 2021, 20.4% more than what it was worth one year ago.

One factor that can contribute to rapidly climbing home prices at a local level is demand. And demand for housing is often precipitated by a growing population. However, according to the most recent available Census data, over the last one-year period, Shirley’s population decreased by 0.4%.

Nationwide, the typical home value is about 4.6 times higher than the median household income of $62,843. In Shirley, housing is generally more affordable. The typical single-family home value is about 4.2 times higher than the local median household income of $87,242.

Here are the 12 communities with populations of at least 25,000 in New York where home values climbed the most in the last year.

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Rank in state Place 1-yr. increase in typical home value Current typical home value ($) 1-yr. change in median income Current median household income ($)
1 Rochester 43.1% 342,582 6.6% 35,590
2 Rome 21.5% 148,469 -1.1% 48,120
3 Buffalo 20.5% 182,006 4.1% 37,354
4 Shirley 20.4% 368,182 3.5% 87,242
5 Niagara Falls 20.2% 126,174 2.7% 36,346
6 Cheektowaga 18.2% 160,558 2.5% 54,002
7 Utica 17.5% 146,539 6.7% 37,760
8 Coram 17.5% 426,699 0.9% 84,022
9 Saratoga Springs 17.1% 416,742 5.6% 82,816
10 Syracuse 16.6% 145,519 5.4% 38,276
11 Middletown 16.4% 287,669 3.1% 55,245
12 West Babylon 16.4% 490,860 7.5% 100,470

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