Oil Drop’s Real Losers: Alternative Energy Stocks (TAN, PBW, LDK, ESLR, JASO, CSIQ, AKNS, HOKU, ZOLT, FCEL, CPST, AMSC)

Oil has fallen off the proverbial cliff into the roll date and as the concerns that the eurozone's weakness is going to spread enough to really hurt the recovery of ...
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Top Day Trader Alerts (ANF, AKNS, ABK, AIG, CTIC, IS, HD, NFLX, SPRD, WMT)

Today's top day trader and active trader alerts are somewhat tied to earnings, but many movers are not on earnings.  Today's cast of characters includes Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE: ANF), ...
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Top Day Trader Alerts (CIEN, AINV, IT, AKNS, NLST)

This morning's top day day trader alerts are out and we have links on each story over to VSInvestor.com with more detailed analysis and data on each: Ciena Corporation (NASDAQ: ...
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Russell Booting Out Speculative Energy Stocks in Rebalances (AXAS, AKNS, AEZ, KAZ, CPE, CFW, CPST, DBLE, EXXI, FTK, GGR, GMET, GRH, TMR, MIND, NCOC, PEIX, QRCP, RAME, TIV, TRMA)

This year is going to mark a significant change in the Russell rebalance and reconstitution at end of June.  Now that oil and other energy related commodities have been cut ...
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Will Solar Conference Address Slowing Trends? (FSLR, STP, AMAT, AKNS, TSL)

Solar industry consulting firm, Solarplaza, hosting a conference on "The Solar Future" on May 26th in Munich, Germany. Speakers from First Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSLR), Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. (NYSE:STP), ...
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Akeena Dips on Possible Capital Raise (AKNS)

Akeena Solar, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKNS) is trading lower today after the company filed to sell up to $30 million in a mixed securities shelf offering.  No terms were listed, but ...
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The 52-Week Low Club (AKNS, AEP, CCRT, EIX, GGP, LYTS, PMII, SPRD)

Today was an interesting ride in the 52-week low club after we have seen very volatile markets.  While oil fell $1.00 and while the S&P, NASDAQ, and DJIA were up ...
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Short Sellers Still Target Solar Stocks (FSLR, SPWR, ESLR, CSIQ, AKNS, HOKU)

These are not all of the solar stocks we cover on NASDAQ, but as you can see the short selling against these stocks has increased as of mid-June despite the ...
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Short Sellers Targeting Solar & Alternative Energy (AKNS, ASTI, CSIQ, CPST, ESLR, FTEK, OTTR, SPWR)

The overall short interest on NASDAQ stocks was actually pretty dull from the end of April to Mid-May, or at least that is the case until you go straight into ...
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The Business Day In Global Warming (CSIQ, FTEK, TSL, GE, GOOG, CS, SOPW, AKNS, JASO, ENER, CPST)

Canadian Solar (NASDAQ: CSIQ) issued and sold $75 million in 6.0% Convertible Senior Notes due 2017 in a private placement on December 10, 2007, and in a filing today investors ...
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Akeena Surges on Suntech Additional Licensing (AKNS, STP)

Akeena Solar, Inc. (NASDQ: AKNS) has announced that its solar panel technology called Andalay will be distributed in Europe, Japan and Australia under a license agreement with Suntech Power Holdings ...
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The Business Day In Global Warming (XEL, FTEK, AIG, SYNM, AKNS, USBE, DASTY, CLNE, DSTI, FSLR, HOKU, PBW, GEX)

Xcel Energy’s (NYSE:XEL) 345-kilovolt transmission line along with two major 115 kV lines will deliver the power into the Minnesota High voltage transmission grid allowing delivery of the power from ...
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The Business Day In Global Warming (FPL, ITRI, PEFF, BF, MMM, CPOW, GE, YGE, AKNS, PGN, SI, STP, XOM)

This is the crus of the news regarding Global Warming and the public companies that made announcements over the last 36 hours:FPL Group (NYSE:FPL) chairman called the Climate Bill "Well ...
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The Business Day In Global Warming (AEP, ARSC, SPLS, AKNS, JNPR, PWER, MCEL, YGE)

We noted ourselves today how some of these ethanol stocks are trading at new 52-week lows again.  Some of these are hitting new stock lows each day.  Some Ethanol Names ...
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