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Closing price July 1, 2022
One driving force of the meme stock explosion has filed for an initial public offering. Good times.
Meme stocks followed the broad market lower as investors await the FOMC announcement.
Meme stocks were following the markets Tuesday, with most trading lower on the day.
Two venerable meme stocks took a beating on Monday and were off to a weak start Tuesday.
U.S. markets were trading lower in the noon hour Monday, and the meme stocks were not running counter to the broad market.
A newly revealed Department of Justice investigation into short selling could have a ripple effect on meme stocks, many of which benefit from short squeezes to lift their share prices.
CEO stock sales have had a negative effect on share prices for a couple of well-known meme stocks.
Two OG meme stocks were in the news Wednesday, along with a couple of double-digit gainers. One of those was likely due to some reported insider buying.
A couple of SEC investigations have cooled off share prices for some popular meme stocks.
A Chinese firm has succumbed to pressure from the government to delist its U.S.-listed shares, and a shipping company spin-off appears to have fizzled.
Meme stocks got hammered in Wednesday's sell-off. Just three of the stocks in our watch list managed to post gains for the day. Thursday looked a bit better.
Tuesday's market meltdown didn't miss meme stocks. But there were a few stocks that weathered the storm pretty well.
Just like the broader markets, the meme stocks mostly traded lower on Tuesday.
Here's a look a four meme stocks that were moving on Monday.
One of our meme stocks was having a rough day and, while winners outnumbered losers, there was no double-digit winner thus far on Friday