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Closing price March 3, 2021
The nearly 3.80 million Amazon shares short as of the most recent settlement date were over 12% more than the figure on the previous settlement date, as well as the greatest number since last July.
The 3.3 million Amazon shares short at the end of January were less than 6% more than the figure on the previous settlement date but the greatest number since last July.
Walmart Inc (NYSE: WMT) has been the largest U.S. company by revenue for decades. Slow growing, its revenue should still top $550 billion this year, in part due to its Sam’s Club operation and...
Amazon released fourth-quarter financial results after markets closed Tuesday.
24/7 Wall St. has put together a preview of a few of the biggest names that are reporting their quarterly results on Tuesday.
Here, 24/7 Wall St. has put together a preview of a few of the most anticipated quarterly reports due this week.
Apple might be a year or more away from a $3 trillion valuation. If it hits the high end of forecast metrics for its businesses, it is well on its way.
Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama will begin voting next month on union representation. Amazon is fighting back hard.
24/7 Wall St. is looking at some big analyst calls that we have seen so far on Friday. We have included the most recent analyst call on each stock, as well as a recent trading history and the general...
Apple+ has a long road to elbow itself to the center of the streaming wars. Netflix just showed how competitive the industry continues to be.
Apple leads four companies with $1 trillion valuations. Its large advantage over the others is due largely by two things.
While many analysts are suggesting broad sector rotation, a new research report from the Jefferies internet team suggests staying with mega-cap leaders for 2021. Some may have storm clouds forming,...
Apple TV+ has among the lowest monthly subscription prices across all the major streaming services. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) was late to the streaming video wars, but, the price point may be the...
Amazon on Tuesday announced the purchase of 11 cargo planes, the first aircraft the company has ever purchased. It leases and operates a fleet of 73 planes.
Apple is so far behind the subscriber curve that, to win the streaming wars, it will need to buy a rival.