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Sometime during the month of July, the 600 millionth Chinese subscriber will sign-up for an LTE connection to the internet.
Stocks tanked on Friday but were indicated sharply higher on Tuesday after the three-day weekend and after China’s gross domestic product met expectations. While investors may feel that every...
If Apple's share price rises another 4%, the company's market cap will jump above $700 billion. A few catalysts could push Apple back to its 52-week high.
24/7 Wall St. has taken a few key exchange traded funds and stocks from the Chinese markets that are representative of the recent plunge.
The Chinese stock market is in shambles. A value investor may want to take a hard look at the region’s American-listed companies.
Source: Apple Inc.Demand for the new Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 6 may be great enough so that in the current quarter, the huge tech company could sell over 50 million units. That is above the figure...
Because of the iPhone 6, Apple has taken huge market share away from its two primary rivals in China.
Source: courtesy of Apple Inc.The consensus forecasts from Wall Street analysts indicate that as part of Apple’s upcoming report this week, there will have been between 45 million and 55 million...
There are more reasons for the Chinese markets to go down than go up, and that means the same for its stock markets.
CEO Tim Cook said Apple needed to do well in China to continue to rapidly expand worldwide iPhone sales. He got his wish.
Apple's shares traded at $100 last October, before it was clear that the new iPhone would be a success. Failure to expand in China, or with the Apple Watch, could drive the price back there.
Apple's success this quarter will turn much more on iPhone sales than the launch of the Apple Watch or early demand for it.
Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones as part of a quarter that has been described as the largest for any company based on net income in the history of U.S. companies.
Chinese brand value has come of age as huge message company Tencent posted a brand value of $66 billion, according to brand research firm Millard Brown in its study BrandZ.
Early Tuesday, China stocks have been taking a beating as the market seems to be correcting.