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Closing price February 22, 2024
Ford stock has tumbled over the past two years, more than the share prices of any of its peers. What happened?
With the turnover from the 1960s to the 1970s, the U.S. was coming out of a period of growth nationwide. Unfortunately, the 1970s are best remembered as being periods of high unemployment and...
Ford Motor Company is an automotive industry icon, but it’s a period of profound change as the industry shifts toward electric vehicles (EV), sustainability, and tech integration. We examine...
Toyota's stock at an all-time high suggests Wall Street believes the company's focus on hybrid cars is the right approach for the industry.
No matter what its upcoming earnings may show, Tesla remains the leader in electric vehicles, especially in the United States and Europe.
As earnings season takes off, analyst rating changes have picked up and Wednesday saw a downgrade to two automakers.
Here is an assessment of how safe Ford’s dividend appears to be based on a variety of metrics.
John Cena successfully made the jump from professional wrestling to the big screen, but he didn’t lose his love of cars along the way. Cena made his wrestling debut in 1999 and has since won over...
Whether you know him from his prestigious boxing career, his affordable kitchen grille, or somewhere else, George Foreman has successfully turned his success in the ring into a thriving business. He...
Ford had strong sales in 2023, but disappointingly few were electric vehicles, which the company has called its future.
Tim Allen rose to fame through stand-up comedy and then television and movies, but he has always had a love for cars ever since he was a young boy, a love he inherited from his father. Like most car...
When it comes to famous car collectors, Jay Leno is hard to beat. With over 180 cars including exotics, hypercars, museum-grade artifacts, and even regular affordable cars along with a television...
Another oil-patch acquisition, although on a smaller scale than the ones we saw in October. Also, a look at new car sales in 2023 and 2024.
Two Ford F-150 Lightning models still qualify for a $7,500 tax credit, a win for the automaker as it tries to move into the electric vehicle business.
Japan's Nippon Steel agrees to acquire U.S. Steel for $14.1 billion, and EV maker Nio gets a cash infusion from Abu Dhabi.