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Closing price August 10, 2020
Facebook aims to capitalize on its social media dominance with a foray into e-commerce.
Apple’s market cap briefly hit $1.5 trillion before the market pull-back. Analysts still like the stock.
The antitrust push against Facebook and other tech giants may be gaining steam but investors don’t seem too worried.
A tool that partners can embed in their apps could give Snap a new revenue stream and more upside for its stock.
Recent Facebook stock price movements represent the uncertainty surrounding the stock, as the social media giant addresses attacks from inside and outside the company.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has echoed the calls of the White House and members of Congress that Amazon.com be broken up. How would that work? Would it be bad for investors?
Facebook, under fire over President Trump’s posts, will label foreign state content. Do investors care?
Mark Zuckerberg won’t remove or add warning labels to posts by President Trump, and that may be an issue for some advertisers, users and employees.
Snap reportedly is preparing to offer a stripped-down version of its platform that partners can embed in their own apps. Could this give the stock the shot in the arm that Wall Street is looking for?
Consumer habits have changed and Shopify is well positioned to benefit however the pandemic plays out.
After being fact-checked, President Donald Trump has promised to sign an executive order that would eliminate a decades-old privilege that internet companies have enjoyed.
The future of smartphones in the United States and most other major nations is 5G. If Apple gets its share of 5G hardware sales, the stock should stay healthy.
Shopify’s stock has had an incredible run and might still have more upside as the company recently shored up its balance sheet with a secondary stock offering.
Billionaires, including Mark Zuckerberg, are doing well while the coronavirus sickens the economy. Facebook investors like its user numbers even though advertising has been hurting.
While Amazon has been growing and taking over certain aspects of the U.S. economy, Shopify has been growing exponentially and taking its share of the e-commerce pie. Facebook wants its slice of the...