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Closing price June 27, 2022
Reduced concern for the impact of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus lifted stocks higher on Monday. The effect appeared to be continuing in Tuesday's premarket trading.
A couple of SEC investigations have cooled off share prices for some popular meme stocks.
Meme stocks took a beating on Friday, and Monday did not appear to be getting off to a better start.
Markets traded higher Wednesday morning, dragging some of the meme stocks along for the ride. In the early afternoon, though, the day's gains had been pared down.
An FDA directive has hammered a coronavirus vaccine maker Friday morning as a new variant of the infection is discovered in South Africa.
Here's a look at why five favorite retail stocks were all trading up by double digits at noontime Friday.
Nearly every electric vehicle stock traded lower Thursday, as investors likely were pocketing some profits on the recent runup in these stocks.
EV stocks were losing some of their recent gains, and one biotech has announced a new federal investigation.
Shares of electric vehicle makers are hot, hot, hot, right now. How long can the run last?
Two EV makers are among Tuesday's big gainers at noontime. A short squeeze could be the cause of another big runup and, the so-called Biden SPAC is moving higher as well.
Earning results could be driving price movements among some meme stocks today. There also appears to be another stab at a short squeeze on one of the stocks.
Three relatively new, but heavily traded, new companies are on the schedule to report quarterly results after markets close Monday.
Rivian's blockbuster IPO on Wednesday lifted the shares of virtually every EV maker. Even legacy carmakers got a boost.
With one major exception, several of last week's best-performing meme stocks were off to another good start. Plus, there's some potentially good news for investors in Chinese education and tutoring...
A solid jobs report early Friday morning set the tone for trading through the noon hour. More stock prices were rising instead of falling, even among the meme stocks we track.