Meta Materials Inc.

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Closing price September 24, 2021
Many meme stocks followed the market lower on Monday, but there were some exceptions, including one ETF that bets against China.
A new name for an old meme stock favorite and a potential new player in the meme stock universe.
Meme stocksweare lining up with the major indexes and trending lower at midday on Wednesday.
Wednesday morning's biggest movers weren't meme stocks but the more usual biotechs with good news, IPOs with a bang and a big-premium acquisition. There are some meme movers as well though.
A tiny oil and gas exploration and production company was making another big move Tuesday.
Several meme stocks are among the most heavily traded on Friday, and one is near the top among the daily gainers.
An Israel-based biotech is soaring in Friday's premarket after its first bone-marrow transplant and Virgin Galactic has run into some trouble with the FAA.
On a day when the major equity indexes were trading moderately higher, meme stocks were mostly following the crowd.
A couple of OGs and one recent rocket are dominating the meme stock universe Monday.
Here are five stocks that were moving higher in Monday's premarket trading, including a couple that skyrocketed.
What looks like a short squeeze is driving shares of through the roof Friday. has more than doubled its share price over the first four days of this week. The stock is on track to more than double again on Friday.
Thursday equity trading was relatively light and mostly negative. Here's a look at how four meme stocks fared as of the noon hour today.
Meme stocks are getting the same share price boost as all stocks Monday.
AMC is one of a handful of meme stocks posting a gain Tuesday, while Microvast and Meta Materials sank along with most of the rest.