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Shorts Up Bets Against Healthy Banks And Big Industrials, Move Out Of Tech (AAPL)(C)(GE)(F)(INTC)(MSFT)(YHOO)

If investors had a notion that short sellers were going to stay in big financials, they were wrong. Short interest in the weakest companies in the sector dropped. Shares short ...
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Will US Unemployment Hit 10%? (SHLD)(NCC)(GM)

The US unemployment rate in September was 6.1%. The consensus estimates are that the numbers will rise, but there are differences over how much. The Bloomberg News survey of economists ...
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Barclays (BCS) Shows Why Taxpayer Bailouts Are Junk

Barclays (BCS) turned down cash from the UK government. Unlike most large US banks, it did not want to trade independence for money. Companies such as Goldman Sachs (GS), JP ...
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Early Bird Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades (CHA, CHH, CMCSA, GOOG, ID, PAS, ACF, ERIC, NCC, NWS, NOK, PCTI, RAH, SHW)

These are some of the top pre-market analyst upgrades and downgrades we are seeing from Wall Street firms this Tuesday morning with more than two hours to the open:China Telecom ...
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Companies Beyond Financial Sector Want Bailout Cash, A Bad Idea (C)(WFC)(NCC)(WB)

Too many mouths to feed. Someone will have to starve.Now that Henry Paulson has $700 billion and some discretion about how to spend it companies from car manufacturers to airlines ...
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What The NCC (NCC) Deal Says About Bank Balance Sheets

NCC (NCC) was bought today by PNC in what most people would view as a classic "takeunder" The price of the deal was well below where the shares traded yesterday.NCC's ...
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PNC and National City Banks Merge Despite Armageddon (PNC, NCC)

Today is one ugly day for financial stocks, and probably one of the crummiest days so far that you could pick to announce a merger.  Yet hold on to your ...
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The Next Stocks That Could Go Under $1 (CHTR)(SIRI)(F)(LVLT)(ABK)(AIG)(NCC)(C)

A year ago, it would have been hard to find people who would believe that Sirius XM (SIRI) or Charter Communications (CHTR) would trade below $1. Sirius had a 52-week ...
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Wells Fargo Sneaks Into Wachovia, Steals It From Citi (WFC, WB, C, SOV, NCC, FITB)

Wachovia Corp. (NYSE: WB) is now in play as Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) has come out with an alternative merger deal in a stock for stock merger offer for ...
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NCC (NCC) Triples In Two Days

In a sign of how perverse and debased the market's reactions to simple news has become, NCC (NCC), the large regional bank, dropped from over $4 last Friday to $1.36 ...
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Oppenheimer’s National City Upgrade Spurns Options Activity (NCC)

Right after noon today, our screen for most active call options pointed out the movements in shares of National City Corporation (NYSE: NCC).  We already noted that famed Oppenheimer banking ...
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Top Pre-Market Analyst Upgrades (ACV, CMM, NCC, NT, RHD, TLAB, TRA, XLNX)

These are some of the top analyst upgrades we have seen this Monday morning with about two hours to the open:Alberto-Culver (ACV) Started as Buy at Goldman Sachs.China Mass Media ...
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Worst Performing Bank Stocks (DSL, FED, CORS, GRAN, NCC, BKUNA, VNBC)

The carnage and fallout from the Washington Mutual (NYSE: WM) failure on Friday was broad-based and very ruthless in the banking sector.  Most companies had no news, yet speculation of ...
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The 52-Week 9/26/2008 (MRVL)(RIMM)(WM)(JAVA)(SFD)(NCC)

Washington Mutual (WM) Shut down by feds. Drops to $.148 from 52-week high of $26.47.Smithfield Foods (SFD) Credit concerns. Sells down to $13.95 from 52-week high of $32.26.Sun (JAVA) Company ...
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Brokerage Firms Again Downgrading Each Other (C, GD, GS, JEF, KBW, LEH, MS, NCC, SGR)

These are some of the top analyst downgrades or negative calls we are seeing this morning, and you'll notice that brokerage firm stocks are again the targets of many downgrades:Citigroup ...
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