Lordstown Motors Corp.

Apple is on its way to closing with a market value of $3 trillion. And what's the new-found investor lust for EV stocks all about?
Electric pickup truck maker Lordstown Motors has filed for bankruptcy protection and commenced a lawsuit against its erstwhile partner Foxconn .
A struggling EV maker and a prospering Chinese travel company are on deck to report quarterly results before markets open on Monday.
Lordstown Motors has recalled some of its vehicles. This could end its run as a small, once-promising EV company.
Two electric vehicle makers are on deck to report quarterly results before U.S. markets open on Monday. A third, also expected to report, has delayed its release for another week.
Lordstown Motors remains at the bottom of the heap of electric vehicle makers.
Lordstown Motors still believes it can compete in an electric vehicle world dominated by competitors, but it is too small and too far behind the curve.
Lordstown is too small to compete in its market. New funding will not change that.
The electric vehicle startup with the most product problems and one of the worst balance sheets is Lordstown Motors. Is its stock headed for zero?
A deal between Foxconn and Lordstown Motors lit a fire under EV stocks on Thursday. A solid research note on Rivian bolstered the entire EV space.
Here is what analysts are expecting to hear from these four companies when they report quarterly results Friday or Monday.
In a wide-ranging review of the auto industry, analysts at Bank of America Securities have made some changes to their price objectives for a both legacy and EV carmakers.
Meme stocks had a mixed day on Friday, with one big loser and one big winner, and Monday's premarket trading seemed a bit muted.
One of our meme stocks was having a rough day and, while winners outnumbered losers, there was no double-digit winner thus far on Friday
Shares of marijuana grower and retailer Sundial exploded higher Friday morning. They had almost reached a buck, and some retail investors are predicting a rocket ride to $4.20.