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Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Accenture, Amex, Cognizant, FireEye, Mastercard, PayPal, Verizon, Visa and More

Stocks tried to continue Monday's gains on Tuesday, but the market failed to hold its rally with a big late-day sell-off. The major indices were set to open higher on ...
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Baird Adds 4 Top Energy Stocks to Focus Ideas List

With the second quarter winding down, and many on Wall Street starting to prepare for earnings reports in early July, some of the firms we cover are making some additions ...
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Insider Buying Soars as Q1 Earnings Wind Up: Tempur Sealy, Apollo Global, Revlon, Kite Pharma and More

We said it for most of April, but this past week really proved the point. Windows for corporate executives to sell and buy shares close during earnings reporting season, and ...
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Credit Suisse Has 5 Top Pick Energy MLPs for 2017

Top pundits and prognosticators on Wall Street thought it was virtually impossible to ever get the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and non-OPEC oil-producing nations to agree on a ...
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MLP Index Has First Positive Quarter Since 2014: 4 Top Stocks to Buy

In what seems like a lifetime after nearly two years of down quarters, the Alerian energy master limited partnership (MLP) index just posted its first positive quarter since 2014. While ...
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Credit Suisse Sees Big Upside in Defensive MLPs for Yield and Growth

The world of master limited partnerships (MLPs) was once believed to be at least partially immune to the woes of oil and gas prices. That worked for a while. Issues ...
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Energy MLPs Should Hold Gains: 4 Top Stocks to Buy Now

Despite a few wrong calls from Wall Street back in February, most felt that the low in oil pricing at $26 was not sustainable, and that while $100 barrel was ...
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3 Quality MLPs to Buy With Safe Distributions of 6% or More

The good thing about the length of the energy downturn is that it flushed out the poor companies and gave the good ones the opportunity to lower capital expenditures, cut ...
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4 Top Energy MLPs That Recently Raised Their Payout Distributions

One reason that investors who look for income have long cherished energy master limited partnerships (MLPs) is that not only do they pay solid and sometimes large quarterly distributions, but ...
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Despite Rally, MLP Index Still Down for 2016: 4 Quality Companies to Buy

Back in January, some of the more bearish voices on Wall Street were calling for oil to hit $20, and while it never dropped that low, trading toward the mid-$20s ...
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Despite Huge Sell-Off, MLPs Are Expensive: 3 Top Credit Suisse Picks

After almost two years of a downward spiral in oil prices, and a commensurate fall in the prices of energy master limited partnerships (MLPs), one would certainly think that the ...
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Enterprise, Tallgrass Raise Investor Payouts

At a time when most master limited partnerships (MLPs) are holding distributions to investors flat (at best) or reducing the payouts to conserve cash, two have announced that they will ...
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Kinder Morgan pipeline

3 Top MLPs for Rising Interest Rates

After a large sell-off that started last summer, the energy master limited partnerships (MLPs) may be of some interest. After a recent pull back, Credit Suisse’s John Edwards is backing ...
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Gas pipeline

The Driving Force Behind the Tallgrass Energy IPO

Tallgrass Energy G.P. L.P. (NYSE: TEGP) kicked off the largest U.S. initial public offering (IPO) of the year on Thursday, when it raised $1.15 billion before expenses, a third more ...
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Busiest IPO Week of the Year: 14 Companies on the Calendar

Four of last week’s six initial public offering (IPO) candidates successfully launched into the public equity markets, but the reception was decidedly cool. The best performer was a biotech firm ...
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