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How Digital Ally Is Holding Police Officers More Accountable

Digital Ally Inc. (NASDAQ: DGLY) stock looks to be done running for now, though it easily could pick up again. The civil unrest within the United States as a result of the killing of George Floyd has drawn a glaring spotlight on police brutality and what is needed to curb this very real problem.

Digital Ally offers a solution of sorts via the body cameras that it sells. The new deals that it is pushing for these body cams make them more affordable for departments across the country.

The demand for body cameras has increased incredibly, and this has been reflected in the company’s share price. In the past month alone, Digital Ally stock has risen over 500%.

Ostensibly, body cameras would hold police officers more accountable and there would be more data to analyze police interactions with the general populace. However, there are other problems that must be solved as well. Body cams seem to be only one part of the solution.

Digital Ally is launching a body camera subscription program for police and other first responders. The program currently features Digital Ally’s lightweight, weather-resistant FirstVu Body Camera with Mini Dock. There will be several subscription packages available, with versatility to match a department’s unique needs for additional products and services.

Digital Ally is pursuing a subscription model, having determined that many departments do not have adequate funding for video evidence technology. Accordingly, this subscription program will provide an opportunity to pay off units over time, and it also will offer packages that require no down payment.

Again, while the country is continuing to grapple with this situation on multiple fronts, there seems to be a consensus across the board that police officers should be held more accountable. Digital Ally appears to be taking a step toward this goal.

Digital Ally stock was down more than 2% Tuesday, at $5.02 in a 52-week range of $0.64 to $7.10.