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Top 10 Brands That Know the Secret of Loyalty

Paul Ausick

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10. E-reader: Amazon Kindle
> Brand loyalty: 9 years

When Amazon introduced the first Kindle e-reader in 2007, the device cost $399 and the first run sold out in hours. By 2012, the Kindle had dropped in price to as low as $60 or $70 and effectively rubbed out its competitors. A basic Kindle, now in its eighth generation, has a list price of $100; the top of the line Oasis model costs $360. An extended range of products with a solid brand name, one could argue that Kindle is the rock on which other Amazon-branded hardware products were built.

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9. Online Retailer:
> Brand loyalty: 10 years missed being the world’s first e-commerce site by about 15 years, but once it hit the web in 1994, the company owned the next 25 years. Consumers mostly love Amazon for its convenience, low prices, and general attention to customers. The company built its brand loyalty one shipment at a time and will likely continue to be judged on that basis going forward.

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8. Wireless: AT&T
> Brand loyalty: 10 years

AT&T has been conducting business under that name (or acronym) since 1885. Longevity counts for something in brand loyalty, as does being just one of a handful of large companies competing for the same customers in a business that depends on scale. AT&T’s customer satisfaction score is right on average for the wireless industry, but its strong connection to the communications industry’s history makes the company a brand loyalty leader.

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7. Automobiles: Hyundai
> Brand loyalty: 10 years

The South Korean automaker began life as a construction company after World War II and did not get into the car business until 1967 and did not enter the U.S. market until 1986. All three of the company’s brands — Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis — were top-rated in 2018’s J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey. As the quality of all new cars and light trucks has improved over the past 30 years or so, loyalty to a vehicle brand depends on exceeding expectations. No one is loyal to a poorly built automaker.

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6. Multifunction Office Copiers: Konica Minolta
> Brand loyalty: 12 years

Even older than AT&T, Konica got its start in 1873 as a provider of photographic and lithographic materials. Camera-maker Minolta came along in 1928 and built and sold its first copier machine in 1960. The two companies established a joint venture in 2000 and merged in 2003, and pulled out of the photo and camera industry in 2007. There is no shortage of strong competition in the business printer/copier market with names like Samsung, Canon, HP, Fuji Xerox, and a host of others. Leading in brand loyalty in this sector is no small feat.