Energy Business

Moody's Investors Service has revised its outlook for energy midstream companies from stable to negative. The first time the firm has lowered its outlook on the sector.
24/7 Wall St. has screened the universe of alternative energy stocks and identified six companies with incredible upside potential.
With oil and gas within energy having become one of the least favorite industries in a more socially conscious world, it has to be puzzling to some investors that even the major oil and gas stocks...
Short interest in solar energy stocks was mixed during the two-week reporting period that ended on May 29. Short interest in alt energy stocks dropped across the board, however.
Short interest in oil and gas stock mostly declined in the two-week period that ended May 29. Rising crude oil prices get the credit.
Is there hidden value in shares of Chesapeake Energy that investors have been missing for the past six years or so? Will a bankruptcy filing somehow make what was a penny stock just weeks ago one of...
Another energy company believes it is overstaffed. Oil giant BP will cut 10,000 jobs. Most of those jobs will be office based.
Chesapeake appears headed towards bankruptcy, but will this save the company?
Many investors are looking for companies that can survive as things are for the next decade or longer. Here are 10 of the larger U.S. companies tied to oil and gas that are likely to still exist and...
Oil stocks have taken a beating since the coronavirus pandemic and Chesapeake Energy has easily gotten the worst of it.
Short interest rose on several oil and gas stocks during the two week reporting period that ended May 15.
Short interest in solar stocks was muted during the two-week period ending May 15. One alt energy stock, however, saw short interest soar by nearly 60%.
The reopening of the U.S. economy may not save Chesapeake Energy as oil prices remain weak and the company’s finances look bleak.
Chesapeake Energy stock has had a good run this week as oil rebounds but analysts seem much more bearish than investors.
Chesapeake stock has jumped, even after a private equity firm dumped its stake. Can rising crude oil prices save the company from bankruptcy?