Energy Economy

The world appeared ready to dodge a recession triggered by inflation. A sharp rise in oil prices could change that.
The Department of Energy has canceled the proposed purchase of 3 million barrels of crude oil to add to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because the price was too high or the sale failed to meet other...
As the Federal Reserve prepares to increase rates for the seventh time this year, it becomes crucial to cut costs wherever possible.
California drivers are consuming less gasoline, and there is a lesson there for policymakers who are serious about reducing carbon emissions.
Gasoline prices have fallen sharply since summer, and the price has dropped below $3 a gallon in several states.
In June, as oil prices increased above $100 a barrel, the price of the average gallon of regular gas nationwide surged to over $5. It was the first time in history, gas passed that $5 barrier. The...
Reaction from Republican politicians and the oil industry to the Biden administration's latest release of oil from the nation's strategic reserve was both predictable and off the mark.
President Biden will announce Wednesday a new program to replenish the oil that has been sold from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Not everyone is going to like it.
The world's largest reinsurance company will stop insuring new oil and gas projects beginning next April.
The German government Friday morning placed three Russian-controlled oil refineries under trusteeship, seizing control of operations from Russian oil giant Rosneft.
Plus, the Liz Truss era in the UK starts with a dual fiscal and energy crisis.
Gasoline prices averaged about $1.50 a gallon through the 1990s. Here is how those prices could come again.
Two months remain in the 2022 hurricane season and NOAA continues to expect an above-normal number of storms, despite the virtual absence of storms in the first three months of the season.
BofA issued a handful calls recently with a particular focus on Oil & Gas stocks with massive upside.
What is the strongest evidence of global warming? According to NASA’s Global Climate Change: “Earth’s surface continues to significantly warm, with recent global temperatures being the hottest...