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Gas Price Drop Below $2 in Parts of South Carolina

Gas prices in South Carolina are often the lowest among the 50 states, based on the average price for a gallon of regular. In some parts of the state, the price per gallon has dropped below $2.

The average price statewide in South Carolina is $2.03, against the national average of $2.33. At the far end of the spectrum, gas prices are $3.02 in Hawaii.

The low gas prices in South Carolina are centered in two cities. The price is $1.97 in Spartanburg and $1.98 in Greenville. Both are well inland and near the North Carolina border. The price in Columbia, in the center of the state, is $2.02. On the coast in Myrtle Beach, $2.07

According to the Post & Courier:

South Carolina’s claim to cheapest gas prices in the nation can be partially attributed to its motor fuel tax, among the lowest in the nation. State lawmakers are trying to raise the gas tax 8-10 cents a gallon over the next five years to help fix the state’s crumbling rodes, but Gov. Henry McMaster doesn’t believe an increase in gas taxes is necessary.

The American Petroleum Institute reports, South Carolina has the second lowest gas taxes among U.S. states, as Alaska has the lowest. The South Carolina number is $.3515. The national average is $.4944. The state with the highest gas taxes is Pennsylvania at $.76