Free Sushi Dinner? All You Have to Do Is Post It on Instagram

October 23, 2018 by Hristina Byrnes

Free food for something you already do anyway? Yes, please!

Long gone are the days when you just spammed your friends’ Instagram feeds with photos of your boring juice and salad for lunch. Now they are going to be the ones annoying you with food picture – because they can get it for free!

Insta is now a platform for paying for sushi. There is one caveat, though – you have to be at least moderately popular on the social media platform.

If you don’t already have a lot of fans, make sure you do something nice to get more people to follow you before you head out because, you never know, it may save you a lot of money.

“This Is Not a Sushi Bar” restaurant in Milan, Italy, is leading the way. You get a free sushi plate, which, depending on how much you eat, can easily be an entire lunch, “costs” 1,000 to 5,000 followers.

If you are even more popular, you can bring a date – two free plates equal between 5,000 and 10,00 followers. Free lunch or dinner comes at a modest fanbase of 100,000+ followers.

The social media platform is solidifying its place in the money transfer business. Popular travel bloggers have long been invited to visit fancy resorts in exchange for posting about them.

Matteo and Tomaso Pittarello, the restaurant owners, are using the same business model.
You have to post pictures of your food in order for the transaction to be complete. But you were probably going to do that anyway.

The Pittarellos may eventually be credited with making the world a healthier place. Sushi is already much better than a cheeseburger and fries; a free plate may make this a popular choice, too.