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5 ETFs Targeting a Healthier America

Eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and abstaining from bad habits like smoking — while by no means a guarantee — greatly increase one’s odds of living a long and healthy life. And with these trends gaining ever more traction within the United States, they provide ample investment opportunity.

The United States might be known around the world for excess and gluttony, but at the same time a growing portion of the population is devoted to the fitness and healthy lifestyles overall. Sure, McDonald’s might be a staple of many American’s diets, but now more than ever Americans are health conscious and may go for a salad rather than a Big Mac.

Although this part of the population is small, comparatively speaking, more American adults are becoming active and eating healthier. And with that said, this makes for a growing market with huge upside potential. With the rise of Whole Foods and other natural and organic stores for food and supplements, there are now many angles that can be considered, let alone the aspects just targeting better health and lifestyle adjustments.

With the disparity in the population, there is definitely some risk involved with investing in individual fitness companies, companies selling natural foods, service companies focused on healthier living or weight management, or even health care providers. There is good news though.

To mitigate this risk and concern about picking the winners or the losers within these industries, ETFs offer a sampling and exposure to this market without an all-or-none risk in any single company’s stock. As the saying goes: “There’s an ETF for that strategy.” ETF Database has collected much of the information about these ETFs, among others, and made it easily accessible for those looking to get into the game. And investors can use a number of exchange-traded funds to invest in the future of a healthier America.

Global X Health & Wellness Thematic ETF (NASDAQ: BFIT) has been around since May 2016, and it aims to track the Indxx Global Health & Wellness Thematic Index. This fund seeks to harness the effects of changing consumer lifestyles by investing in companies geared toward promoting physical activity and well-being. It was last seen to have $17.3 million in assets under management. Its overall expense ratio is 0.50%, and it has traded up 15% so far in 2019. This ETF has a total of 57 holdings. The top 10 holdings include a mix of foreign and domestic companies:

  1. JD Sports Fashion (3.63%)
  2. Planet Fitness (3.13%)
  3. ANTA Sports Products (3.10%)
  4. VF (3.09%)
  5. Lululemon Athletica (3.08%)
  6. Danone (3.08%)
  7. Puma (3.04%)
  8. Takult Honsha (3.04%)
  9. Nike (3.03%)
  10. DexCom (2.98%)

The Obesity ETF (NASDAQ: SLIM) has been around since June 2016 and aims to track the Solactive Obesity Index. This fund targets companies that could benefit as they fight the global obesity epidemic. Such companies could include biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health care and medical device companies focused on obesity and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and sleep apnea. It has $13.7 million in assets under management. Its overall expense ratio is 0.35%, and it has traded up 6% so far in 2019. This fund has a total of 39 holdings. The top 10 holdings include a few sizable U.S. biotechs:

  1. Novo Nordisk (21.57%)
  2. Fresenius Medical Care (9.51%)
  3. ResMed (7.71%)
  4. Abiomed (6.27%)
  5. DexCom (5.59%)
  6. Insulet (5.43%)
  7. Fisher & Payket Healthcare (5.17%)
  8. DaVita (4.49%)
  9. Herbalife (4.24%)
  10. Tandem Diabetes Care (4.22%)