Healthcare Economy

A recent analysis reveals that Detroit is the most stressed city in America, based on several factors.
A recent analysis reveals the states with the longest life expectancy.
A recent analysis reveals which kind of physicians are most likely to report feeling burned out.
A recent analysis reveals that West Virginia and Mississippi have the highest rates of obesity in America.
Is the world about to trade one massive infectious disease attack for another?
The United States sits at the top of the COVID-19 infection list.
A recent analysis reveals that buildings in Austin had the highest occupancy rate in January.
The COVID-19 pandemic has killed as many as 1.1 million Americans, making it one of the leading causes of death each year. COVID-19 deaths are not close to the leading cause of death at all. Heart...
Disney, like other western companies, is caught in the vice of China’s COVID-19 policy.
Plus, China's Xi Jinping is now the most powerful man in the climate world.
COVID-19 infection will be one of the top five causes of death in America this year.
Maryland is one of five states in which voters will have a chance to decide in November whether or not to legalize marijuana.
Colorado residents have the opportunity to vote on the decriminalization of psilocybin and other psychedelics on November 8.
A recent analysis reveals that most of the countries with unsafe tap water are in Asia, Africa and South America.
The U.S., plagued by the COVID-19 Omicron BA.5, may face another hurdle in the way of cutting the spread of the disease. It is known as the BA.2.75 subvariant. Its presence and growth has been most...