Can A Purple House On The Market In Ohio Sell?

June 23, 2019 by Douglas A. McIntyre

There is a purple house for sale in Perry, Ohio. It is priced at only $149,528. One reason for that is the house is small. Another may be the odd color.

The house at 3759 Indiana St, Perry, Ohio has only three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and covers only 1,750 square feet. It sits on a tiny parcel of.57% of an acre., which lists the house as the most popular one on its site based on views, points out that, “The owner painted every conceivable square inch of the home in various shades of purple—even the garage—adding a whimsical touch to the three-bedroom ranch-style home.”. Of course, a new owner could repaint it, but that would be expensive. The fact that the house was built in 1961 means it is likely to need more upgrade and repairs.

There are lots of reasons not to live in Perry, Ohio. It is close to the shore of Lake Eire between Cleveland and Erie, Pennsylvania (which puts it in the middle of nowhere). Its population is just over 1,600 people. The population is homogeneous which some people may favor. Over 98% of the residents are White. From an income standpoint, the median is about the same as the national average. For those who don’t want to live near a nuclear reactor, Perry is a good place to stay away from. The Perry Nuclear Power Plant is close to the city.

As for the property itself, even the septic systems is fairly old–put in in 1996. However, the nuclear facility may be a more likely reason the house is hard to market.