Make Your Predictions & Ideas Known

Do you want to get a shot at making your own 2007 forecats, predictions, and a even get a shot at making your own suggestions or sharing ideas?  The shot is yours if you want it.  If Time is going to make YOU the man of the year, then we’ll double down on that and give you a direct chance to make an impact right here.

Do you have projections, predictions, ideas, or suggestions that you would like to share?  If so please send in a different email titled ” MY 2007 ” to [email protected].  Once again we do not share any email address lists with outside parties.

Make your predictions, make a rant, pick a trend, or pick a stock….whatever you’d like:

DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ 12/31/2007?

S&P Earnings growth in 2007?

Gold & Oil Prices in 2007?

What sectors win in 2007?

Major Market shifts or calls?

Which overseas or international stock market will be the best for 2007?

Will private equity quiet down?

Takeover targets for 2007?

Which High-Flyers will keep soaring, and which will crash & burn?

Which market pundit do you like the best and who would you like to see covered more?

Which of our TOP 10 CEO’s THAT NEED TO GO would you like to see leave their post first?

What is your single best idea for 2007?

FED POLICY in 2007…when do they cut? or will they have to raise?

This is your shot to fire away……No holds barred……No string attached……

Google $600 or $300?

Windows Vista a game changer or a Gates/Ballmer belly flop?

Best Small Cap for 2007?

Part II
We are bolstering up our email database as we have been for the lastfour weeks.  If you would like to subscribe to our email lists for FREEBAIT SHOP UPDATES and for other SPECIAL SITUATIONS that we do not poston the site, please send in an email to us.  Send that email to [email protected]and title it SUBSCRIBE.  Just include a name and whatever data youwant.  We do not share our subscriber and free email list with anyoutside parties.

We’ll be running this a few times between now and the end of the year for comments, suggestions, predictions, and ideas.  We are here for our readers and we are giving you a chance to influence some direction or aspects if you want to voice anything.  And no, we aren’t closing down for the holidays like many other sites and blogs.

Happy Holidays from 24/7 Wall St.

Jon C. Ogg & Douglas A. McIntyre

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