Pre-Market Stock News (July 31, 2007)

July 31, 2007 by Douglas A. McIntyre

(ADP) Automatic Data Processing $0.35 EPS vs. $0.36 est.
(AEP) American Electric Power $0.64 EPS vs $0.58 est.
(APC) Anadarko Petroleum $1.08 EPS vs $0.80 est.
(BEAV) BE Aerospace $0.39 EPS vs $0.37 est.; raised guidance.
(CAM) Cameron $1.02 EPS vs $0.95 est.
(CBS) CBS $0.54 EPS vs $0.51e; light revenues.
(CCJ) Cameco trading up 3% on "Clarification"of forward sales commitments and guidance clarification.
(COH) Coach $0.42 EPS vs $0.41 est.
(CVH) Coventry Health $0.96 EPS vs $0.95 est.
(DD) DuPont accelerating a $5 Billion share buyback plan.
(ETR) Entergy $1.32 EPS vs $1.31 est.
(GAS) NICOR $0.40 EPS vs. $0.38 est.
(GM) GM $2.48 EPS vs $1.13 estimate.
(GSK) GlaxoSmithKline panel recommends 22 to 1 to keep Avandiaa available to patients in U.S.
(HC) Hanover Compressor $0.23 EPS vs $0.18 est.
(HR) HEalthcare Realty $0.40 EPS vs $0.41 est.
(IACI) IAC/Interactive $0.31 EPS vs. $0.33 est.; weakness partly from ticket miss at Ticketmaster.
(IMB) Indymac $0.60 EPS vs $0.56 est.
(JNJ) J&J announced restructuring; will have layoffs; reaffirmed 2007 guidance.
(LCAV) LCA Vision $0.36 EPS vs $0.46 est.
(MAS) MASCO $0.50 EPS vs $0.49 est.
(MEDX) Medarex said Valortim may enhance ability to block anthrax spores from dewveloping into bacteria.
(MS) Morgan Stanley will IPO its MSCI analytics and index unit.
(NMX) NYMEX $0.60 EPS vs $0.58 est.
(NNI) Nelnet $0.44 EPS vs $0.49 est.
(OLED) Cambridge Display Tech being acquired for $12.00 per share by Sumitomo Chemical.
(PER) Perot Systems $0.18 EPS vs. $0.19 est.
(PMI) PMI Group $0.95 EPS vs $1.15 est.
(RJET) Republic Airways $0.46 EPS vs $0.50 est.
(SAH) Sonic Auto$0.65 EPS vs $0.64 est.
(SMG) Scotts-Miracle Gro $1.98 EPS vs $1.99 est.
(SINT) SI International $0.38 EPS vs $0.38 est.
(SIRI) SIRIUS -$0.09 EPS vs -$0.10 est.; R$226.4M vs. $228M est.; raised FY2007 revenue guidance; spent $108 per new subscriber; added 561K subscribers to end with over 7 million.
(SUNW) Sun Microsystems traded up 10% after $0.09 EPS vs $0.05 estimate.
(TKR) Timken $0.73 EPS vs $0.72 est.
(TOPP) Topps special meeting over offers has been delayed to August 30.
(TSYS) TeleComm Systems awarded $3.5M Army contract.
(UA) Under Armour $0.11 EPS vs $0.03 est.; raised guidance.
(WEC) Wisconsin Energy $0.49 EPS vs $0.37 est.
(WMI) Waste Management $0.56 EPS vs. $0.52 est.

Jon C. Ogg
July 31, 2007