This week on Stockhouse February 11 – 15

February 16, 2008 by Douglas A. McIntyre

The Dow and the TSX ended higher despite late-week selling on poor U.S. economic data.

Warren Buffett made an offer to support the municipal bond insurance business that – even as it was not well received by its intended recipients – was still seen as an example of Buffett’s confidence in the economy. Bernanke spoke Thursday and drove buyers from the markets, and then Friday followed with poor economic numbers from the NY Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey and Michigan’s consumer confidence report.

On Monday…

Danny Deadlock just can’t say no when the issue at hand is Free uranium in Mongolia.

The 24/7 Wall St. News Desk checked in with a summary of a few of the actively discussed companies on the Stockhouse Bullboards in Aurelian shareholders await Ecuador government moves.

If you’re not paying attention to the advance of the price of rhodium, then perhaps it’s time to read the latest Buzz on Commodities, Rhodium, the new platinum, with notes courtesy of Stockhouse investors.

Are we in a Bear market? More stock market musings from across Bullboards and blogs.

In RRSP strategies: Part 4, Preet Banerjee walked readers through an approach to investing that includes getting your end-of-year tax refund from RRSP contributions back one paycheck at a time instead of all in one lump sum.

Luke Brocki gave readers the low-down on last week’s uranium-related news in Uranium spot prices continue to fall.

For Buzz on the Boards, Stockhouse editors paid a visit to the Bullboard of the world’s largest insurer in No subprime contagion, only subprime foundation.

Then on Tuesday…

Boris Sobolev says that IMF sales don’t change anything, and he explained why in this article about potential gold sales from the International Monetary Fund.

Trader Thoughts presented its views on what a US recession might look like, and then asked the question: Is it time to get back into the U.S. dollar?

Stacey Laliberte provided an update on The monster in the closet.

For insight from the Stockhouse community on what was up (or down) with the markets Tuesday, check out Markets break down, markets recover.

Whither the price of gold if and when the International Monetary Fund unloads a portion of its reserves to raise capital? Stockhouse investors speculated on the questin in IMF gold sales spook some, not others.

On Wednesday…

Steven Saville shared a few thoughts on rising coal prices with a nod to Patriot Coal (NYSE: PCX, Bullboard), and rounded out his weekly contribution with comments on copper in Quick updates on coal and base metals.

For RRSP strategies: Part 5, Preet Banerjee explained the unique situation in which over-contributing to your retirement savings account makes sense.

Doug Watt presented a report on a conference that highlighted Canada’s mining industry in relation to environmental and human rights issues in foreign countries. Read more in Canadian watchdog confronts miners.

In the fist installment of a multi-article collection, respected poster vwig laid out what he thinks are the pros and cons of following resource sector newsletter writers in Whose job is it anyway? delivered a report on a drink manufacturer capitalizing on the likes of Trump Super Premium Vodka in Drinks Americas finds success with celebrity endorsements.

Harry Boxer identified Four top charts to watch in this in-depth look at four NASDAQ-listed issues.

Buzz on the Markets found Stockhouse investors talking about Hype over Buffett, while in commodities buzz, members wondered if we are entering a Weak period for gold.

On Thursday…

Roy Martens of Resource Fortunes provided plenty of charts and analysis to back up his assertion that there is more trouble still to come for the financial markets, in Gold-USD decoupling as gold approaches $1,000.

The second in a series of community news articles about the function of newsletter writers in today’s resource investment climate had Kevin Graham sharing his views from personal experience, in Newsletter writers versus dart board.

Buzz on the Markets finds out from Stockhouse investors whether or not we can have Resource mania in bear market.

What’s that about alien invasions, horseless carriages, gold prices and Eddie Murphy’s marriage, you say? Better ask Kevin Cork, who’s got a few things to say about savvy investing for the long term in Swimming naked…

One Stockhouse member believes that institutional money is chasing immediate cashflow in the mining sector, which is why the junior share prices are hurting at the expense of the seniors. More in Money chases cashflow.

Finally, on Friday…

Dan Sweeney offered an analysis of the skyrocketing coal market and what it might mean for agriculture, electricity and renewable resources in The coal conundrum.

Nancy Zambell provided an introduction to the Forex markets in Forex, the featured guest at the World Money Show.

The penny stock universe is a tricky one to navigate, and Peter Leeds suggested watching for consolidation patterns in trading action to help pinpoint entry points in Penny stocks and the new age.

For two ways to kick-start your child’s RRSP, read Preet Banerjee’s RRSP strategies: Part 6.