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April 27, 2008 by Douglas A. McIntyre

U.S. stocks fluctuated this week on record oil, mixed earnings

Wall Street was down at the beginning of the week due to two consecutive days of record-breaking oil prices and weak earnings in the financial sector. On Wednesday, better-than-expected earnings from Boeing boosted U.S. stocks out of the two-day slump, and Thursday saw another rise thanks to the financial sector and surprisingly upbeat earnings from Ford. The TSX was higher Monday on energy stocks as oil reached record levels; however, Canadian shares spent most of the week down on financials and the energy sector, despite oil’s skyrocketing price. The Dow closed up more than 42 points on Friday, despite consumer confidence concerns, and the TSX was up over 137 points, thanks in part to oil’s rising prices.

On Monday… 

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On Wednesday…

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On Thursday…

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Finally, on Friday…

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