Reports Of Another Oil Rig Explosion In The Gulf Of Mexico, Platform Is Still On Fire, Leak Status Undetermined

September 2, 2010 by Douglas A. McIntyre

According to the San Jose Mercury News, there are confirmed reports that a second oil rig has exploded in the Gulf of  Mexico, off the Louisiana coast. At the moment, all thirteen members of the rig have been accounted for, with one injury of undetermined severity. It has not, however, been determined whether the damage has caused a leak in the well, or merely to the platform structure.

According to the New York Times: The platform is owned and operated by Mariner Energy (NYSE: ME) which operates out of Houston.

As no reports have come out to the contrary, the rig may still be on fire, as it was as of 10:30 this morning.

According to to Lousiana’s WAFB, the spill is located about a hundred miles south of Vermillion Bay, seen here: