Media Digest (2/7/2011) Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

February 7, 2011 by Douglas A. McIntyre

AOL (NYSE: AOL) bought the Huffington Post for $315 million. (Reuters)

Sanofi-Aventis and Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) are closer to a deal (Reuters)

Hackers who broke into the NASDAQ will undermine investor confidence. (Reuters)

A strong yen and the US market will make (Reuters)

Oil rose again on trouble in Egypt (Reuters)

The CEO of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) wants to avoid a long fight with European regulators over antitrust issues (Reuters)

Verizon Wireless ran out of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhones after a day (Reuters)

BP in (NASDAQ: BP) wants to buy a stack in Reliance gas (Reuters)

The Nokia (NYSE: NOK) CEO is likely to shake up top management (WSJ)

The EPA is the largest federal agency being targeted by businesses (WSJ)

Many banks still carry risky assets on their balance sheets (WSJ)

Bond market trading shows a concern about inflation (WSJ)

Strong fourth quarter earnings have not helped job additions (WSJ)

China is building a strategic stockpile of rare earth metals (WSJ)

Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) is at work at personalizing more  mobile content (WSJ)

Sony Ericsson launched a new high end smartphone (WSJ)

Governors are cutting cutting budgets across the nation (WSJ)

GM (NASDAQ: GM) is upping its marketing for hybrid cars (WSJ)

Ford (NYSE: F) will increase production by 13% in the first quarter (WSJ)

The Conference Board says that is some industries that there is a labor shortage in some fields (WSJ)

Companies are in a fight with proxy firms about high executive pay (WSJ)

Strong growth could increase business “complancity” (WSJ)

Investors are more comfortable with high risk to get better yields (WSJ)

The amount of planted in the US is likely to rise sharply according to the The National Cotton Council of America (WSJ)

The head of Ebay (NASDAQ: EBAY) says the company’s period of rapid growth is not over (NYT)

The FCC will target under served areas with broadband (NYT)

The value of cooper continues to rise on beliefs that global businesses will continue to prosper (FT)

Goldman Sacks (NYSE: GS) will spend a great deal of cash on distressed assets (FT)

Fiat was hit hard by the Italian government over potential plans to move its headquarters to Detroit (FT)

A rising euro may buy Germany time to work out a potential deal to create an EU-wide solution to regional debt (Bloomberg)

Investors have risked over $100 billion on the bet that metals prices will rise (Bloomberg)

Russia will use reserve ratios to cut inflation (Bloomberg)

Douglas A. McIntyre