Insider Buying Drives Interest in Tetra Technologies (TTI)

November 28, 2011 by Jon C. Ogg

TETRA TECHNOLOGIES INC (NYSE: TTI) is trading higher after two directors of the company bought shares. Investors love to see insider buying, and this was regarding some 40,000 shares in total.  Shares of the diversified oil and gas services company are up over 12% at $8.31 for the Houston-based company.  The consensus price target is $13.64 and the 52-week trading range is $6.77 to $16.00.

Thomas Bates Jr. purchased 20,000 shares with a VWAP price of $7.61 (range was $7.55 to $7.67) and now holds 20,759 shares; Kenneth Mitchell now holds 86,990 direct shares after purchasing 20,000 shares: 8,000 at $7.57 VWAP and 12,000 at $7.59 VWAP.

Link to both filings here