Media Digest: Reuters, NYTimes, WSJ, FT

December 11, 2006 by Douglas A. McIntyre

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According to Reuters, Home Depot will enter the Chinese market by investing $100 million in Home Way.

Reuters writes that Nissan is unveiling new hybrid and green cars

Reuters writes that three new companies will join the Nasdaq 100: Infosys, Vertex, and Level 3.

The Wall Street Journal writes that travel booking company Sabre is for sales and could have a deal as early as this week.

The Wall Street Journal writes that AT&T will open and internet data center in Shanghai in a bid to increase it footprint in China.

The Washington Post has reengineered its company with the addition of online educations, which is letting it continue to invest in editorial content while rivals cannot.

The FT says that while China slows the pace of reform which could lead to trade disputes with the US and slow the world ecnomy.

Douglas A. McIntyre