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September 1, 2007 by Douglas A. McIntyre

More volatility plagued the markets this week as the credit situation broadened and deepened, drawing more banks, funds and investors into the fray. Earnings season wound down as the Labour Day holiday approached, and the markets anticipated the return of new players with the arrival of September.

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Stockhouse Publisher Darin Diehl delivered the goods again in Publisher’s Notebook. [] This week’s edition contains specific guidelines for contributing articles to the site. Still have questions? Email us at

Who out there has made the leap from BullBoard poster and SH reader to front page writer, you ask? Here are two articles by the Stockhouse community, well worth your time.

Stockhouse poster gabrielgray, active on a handful of BullBoards, arrives with his twisted take on the on-going credit crunch. Alphabet soup, anyone? []

Want to know what Selodong and Batu Hijau have in common? Gold, that’s what. Learn more by reading part one of Kevin Graham’s in-depth, two part analysis of Southern Arc Minerals (TSX: V.SA, BullBoards) [] in The “Batu Hijau Junior.” []

Stay tuned for more from the Stockhouse community next week, including options trading strategies and part two of Kevin Graham’s insightful study.

And from our on-going contributors…

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Greg Silberman outlined a bear market scenario based on current market conditions. []

Nancy Zambell got back to basics with her report on five common money mistakes in part one of a two-part Financially Fit. []

John J. De Goey introduced readers to a new method of passive investment called “fundamental indexing” in STANDUP Advice. []