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To our friends and readers of 24/7 Wall St.,

We wanted to extend a special invitation out to all of our readers. We are offering some special discounting starting today through the first part of the new year. This discounting will apply only to our annual subscribers who pre-pay with a buy-now status for a twelve month subscription.

The “SPECIAL SITUATION INVESTING NEWSLETTER” has been a major success where we look for actionable strategies on under-followed stocks that are involved in potential break-ups, restructurings, reorganizations, spin-offs, recapitalizations, and back door plays into IPO’s. Some are even speculative strategies we think companies will take. We even show hedging strategies to limit risks. Our strategy here on Getty Images yielded a massive upside for any subscribers that followed this as we telegraphed an equivalent to an industry de-merger that Wall Street wasn’t willing to accept. We issued a “Small Cap Internet Watch List” with potential acquirers listed that may want to buy various companies on this list under the right circumstances. And we even gave the historical trade to pick up in the EMC/VMware spin-off that others were scared to call for. Currently, our active speculative pick is a play in the Global Positioning Systems sector as the one that could be acquired in 2008. As there is rarely a static list, this one is not on a set schedule and clients should expect on average to receive these once or twice per month.

Our One-Year Subscription sells regularly for $179.95, already a huge discount to our $25.00 per issue base price. Our quarterly price of $49.95 generates an annualized $199.80 price, still a large savings over the $250.00. For a special holiday offering that expires after the first week in January, we are offering this to you at a discounted rate of $139.95 on a buy-now status.

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The “10 STOCKS UNDER $10” Weekly newsletter… here we issue bullish and bearish opinions on stocks that trade under $10.00. Some of these you will know and some you will not have ever heard of. Stocks under $10.00 are thought to have the most leverage up and down, yet we usually focus on names that can be traded and have the fundamentals behind the story.
Much of this information ends up on the public site, although most of it does not. We’ve successfully been out in front of major moves here in stocks like, Cost Plus, Covad, and more. As a reminder, not all of these will be bullish calls. We’ve been very cautious on Palm, AMD, and E*Trade on this newsletter. Many stocks that trade under $10.00 do so for good reason.

Our normal rate for this is $129.95 annually or it can be purchased quarterly for $39.95. But during the holidays we are extending a holiday discount to our readers of $109.95 on a buy-now status.

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Also, we have our “OLD MEDIA / NEW MEDIA” weekly newsletter. When everyone was stepping all over their feet for Yahoo! after it had already run above $30.00 ahead of the Alibaba IPO, our own Douglas McIntyre showed why you should not believe the hype and called for this one to go back much lower. Many pundits were calling for this to be worth $40 instantly because they believe their math additions are always applicable, yet shares are back down to about $23.00 today. If you want to know who we think could be the next mergers or implosions in “new media” or “old media” then you need to look no further. If you trade media stocks or are a media executive of any sort, this is a must.

Our normal rate for this newsletter is $139.00 per year or it can be purchased for $39.95 per quarter. We are offing this out at a holiday special rate of $109.95 on a buy-now status.

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We extend these offers to you and hope you will join our subscriber network for this holiday savings offer.

PLEASE NOTE that these sales are not being considered a trial subscription because of the discounting. All sales of this manner will be recorded at the time of signing up and will not be eligible for a refund as these are not trial offers. We have enjoyed our 2007 supplying you with active information across a broad spectrum to appeal to a broader base. Stay tuned for 2008 as we have many new features being prepared to launch that will allow us to serve you even further.

Yours Truly,

Jon Ogg & Douglas McIntyre