Recalls: Will There Be Any Toys For Christmas?

September 20, 2007 by Douglas A. McIntyre

After the huge toy recalls by Mattel (MAT), it appears that Congress has begun to uncover several other companies that believe they have dangerous products that they will have to be withdrawn from the market.

According to CNN Money Tween Brands said it had "recently learned that a decorative accessory attached to the outer packaging of some products may contain elevated amounts of lead," Excelligence Learning, the parent company of retailer Discount School Supply, said it had identified three products it had yet to recall. CNN adds the House subcommittee requested similar information from 19 toy companies that had previously distributed toys found to contain illegal levels of lead.

All of that would seem to mean that the troubled toy industry may be recalling many, many more units. In most cases, the cause will be products with lead levels that are too high. These toys were made in China.

Under the circumstances, it would not be surprising if consumers began to look harder at consumer electronics and clothing as holiday gifts for their children. Who needs a mouthful of lead paint?

Douglas A. McIntyre