13 Things You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

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Dollar stores are extremely popular across the country, even as there was backlash about raising prices to $1.25 from $1. Some report that there will be another raise in some stores in 2024 to $1.50 for products. The truth is, a quarter or two doesn’t make much difference when you’re talking about affordable products that help those in low-income and rural areas.

You may not want to buy fine china at the dollar store, but many items don’t need to last forever and are just as easy to pick up. Party supplies, small toys, beach items and coffee filters are just a few examples of things you only use once or twice before they get thrown out. There’s no need to buy high-priced products in many situations, and we’ve put together a list of items you should always get at the dollar store, listed in no particular order. If you’re looking for alternatives to stores like Walmart but want to keep it affordable, the dollar store is the way to go. We used reviews from customers online to determine which products give you an extra bang for your buck and which ones you might want to invest more in.

Why Are We Covering This?

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Buying the right items from the dollar store allows you to keep more money in your pocket.

There are close to 40,000 dollar stores across the country, and this number has grown consistently since 2017. Just one store, Dollar General, does more than $34 billion in sales each year. As the price of grocery and household items increases, consumers are doing everything they can to reduce everyday costs. One way to do that is to buy items at the dollar store so you can save your pennies and build your personal wealth.

1. Small Toys

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The dollar stores have a huge selection of action figures for young kids to choose from.

If you have children, you know what it’s like when they must have toys from the newest movie or popular TV show. These items are often expensive at stores like Walmart or Target and are easily lost because they are so tiny. All parents know the dread that comes from a tantrum when kids can’t find their favorite toy. Buy them at the dollar store so you don’t have to worry about if they get lost. Most stores have popular toys from Disney, Hot Wheels, Minecraft and Sesame Street.

2. Party Supplies

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Find all your themed or colored birthday party supplies at the dollar store.

If you’re throwing a themed birthday party, the dollar store is the place to get your supplies. Most party supplies are only used one time, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on the expensive stuff. The dollar store has paper plates and cups, silverware, napkins, crepe paper, centerpieces tablecloths and gift bags to match your theme. You can find every product in a specific color if you’re going for a certain palette for your party.

3. Food Storage Bags

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Don’t spend extra money on things that will only be used once.

Food storage bags are great for leftovers, frozen food or anything you need to divide. Buy big bags of cheese and separate it into smaller portions so you can freeze some, split ground beef up into sections or pack lunches in one bag. These bags are usually only used one time, so you don’t need to worry as much about quality, only function. Choose from a variety of sizes like snack, sandwich and gallon.

4. Craft Materials

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Pick up craft supplies like yarn at the dollar store.

You can get the same thread, yarn and paint at the dollar store that you can get at bigger, hobby-specific stores. The dollar store has small crafting kits that are ideal for kids with a shorter attention span and provide affordable beads, jewelry, fabric, yarn and containers.

5. Dental Floss

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Stock up on dental floss at the dollar store so you don’t have to panic when you run out.

The dollar store offers both packages of floss and plastic floss picks. Since these are a one-and-done product, all you need them to do is clean your teeth. You may pay two to three times as much for them at bigger stores.

6. Extra Toothbrushes

Source: Doucefleur / iStock via Getty Images
Keep extra toothbrushes on hand for when guests forget theirs.

Speaking of oral health, it’s nice to have some toothbrushes on hand for the times you have unexpected visitors. Toothbrushes can quickly become expensive if you’re buying in bulk, and your guest is likely to only use them once. Stock up on a selection of extra toothbrushes from popular brands like Colgate and Crest at the dollar store.

7. School Supplies

Source: Evgen_Prozhyrko / Getty Images
Stock your child’s classroom and backpack with school supplies from the dollar store.

Once that time of the year rolls around, it can be extremely expensive to send kids back to school, especially if you have more than one. If your school asks parents to bring in supplies to help with inventory, head straight the dollar store. Pick up the same composition notebooks, spiral notebooks and filler paper you can get anywhere else, but for a fraction of the cost.

8. Baking Tools

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Expand your baking skills with cheaper baking supplies.

Get things like baking cups, candles and other decorating tools from the dollar store. Many of these items are used once and then thrown away. Buying less expensive decorating and baking tools allows you to practice your skills without spending a fortune, or you can start letting your kids bake with you without worrying about wasting money.

9. Q-Tips and Cotton Balls

Source: Marko_Marcello / Getty Images
Buy makeup remover pads and cotton balls at the dollar store and take advantage of the low prices to stock up.

Stock up on 300-count Q-tips for just $1.25 at the dollar store, or 100-count cotton balls. These are also an item only used once, so the quality doesn’t matter as much. Whether you’re using them for cleaning or putting on makeup, you get the same experience for a fraction of the price when you get them from the dollar store. These are also nice to stock up on because you rarely notice you need them until they’re gone. The dollar store’s prices make it easy to create a collection without emptying your wallet.

10. Party Favors

Source: miodrag ignjatovic / iStock via Getty Images
Buy the decorations, tableware and party favors from the dollar store so you can throw an amazing party without worry about your budget.

Kids love taking home a little bag of treats and toys after a birthday party, but the cost quickly adds up if you don’t buy smart. The dollar store has small plastic bags and a large selection of party favors like necklaces, tumblers, yo-yos and party hats. Make everyone feel like a million bucks without the million-dollar price tag by buying these things at the dollar store.

11. Candles

Source: may1985 / Getty Images
Dollar stores sell tea candles, jar candles and emergency candles for all purposes.

The dollar store has a selection of jar candles, LED candles, tealights and votive candles, and religious candles. Whether you want something to spruce up the way your bathroom smells or something on hand in case of an emergency, buy your candles at the dollar store. Tealights are often used for decorations but only need to be used one time, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on them. If the power goes out, have a stack of emergency candles in a specific spot so you aren’t without light for too long.

12. Office Supplies

Source: Jianbi Chen / iStock via Getty Images
Organize your desk and stock your supply closet with affordable items from the dollar store.

The dollar store has a huge selection of organization accessories so your desktop always looks clean and organized. Stock up on magnets, clips and staplers at the dollar store and keep everything labeled and neat with tags. Anything disposable that you need for your office can be found at the dollar store for a low price.

13. Deodorant

Close up shot of young handsome man with muscle body using deodorant
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If you forget deodorant, don’t worry if you’re stocked up from the dollar store.

The dollar store offers brand names like Speed Stick and Suave for almost half the price you’ll find it anywhere else. Stock up on deodorant sticks for only a dollar. Put them in your purse, a locker, your car or your backpack when you have a huge supply on hand.



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