The 10 Cheapest Cars for Sale

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10. Mazda2
> Base price: $14,720
> YTD sales: 16,348
> Vehicle type: four-cylinder, four-door sedan

Madza’s newest Mazda2 costs less than $15,000 and gets up to 35 mpg on the highway. Even with all possible optional features added to the more-expensive Mazda2 Touring trim, the car costs under $19,000. According to, the model is intended to appeal to American car buyers’ current top priorities, price and fuel economy. In 2011, the first full year of sales for the model, Mazda sold 13,952 units. This year, with a full month of sales remaining, the subcompact has already exceeded that number by nearly 20%.

9. Hyundai Accent
> Base price: $14,545
> YTD sales: 58,071
> Vehicle type: four-cylinder, four-door sedan

The Accent is Hyundai’s least-expensive car, costing more than $2,000 less than any other model produced by the Korean automaker. The car has been on the market since 1995, although it was redesigned in 2012 to include additional interior room and a more powerful engine. Even the model’s most expensive trim, the Accent SE, still costs under $20,000 when automatic transmission, a power sunroof and all other optional features are included. In 2007, the Hyundai sold just over 36,000 Accents. Through the first 11 months of this year, Hyundai has already beaten that number by 61%.

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8. Kia Soul
> Base price: $14,400
> YTD sales: 108,601
> Vehicle type: four-cylinder, four-door wagon

Kia bills the 2013 Soul as “a new way to roll,” and looks to appeal to young buyers by offering a chrome accented grille and USB jacks as standard on all versions. Although the base model retails for just $14,400, the lowest price for a Kia Soul with automatic transmission is $16,200. Including all optional features and additional costs, the price can exceed $24,000. The Soul has sold very well, and continues to see success. Sales have grown every year since the crossover debuted in 2009. It is also the only model on this list to top 100,000 unit sales for each of the past two years.

7. Toyota Yaris
> Base price: $14,370
> YTD sales: 28,590
> Vehicle type: four-cylinder, two- or four-door hatchback

The Yaris is Toyota’s least-expensive car, costing nearly $2,000 less than Toyota’s top-selling Corolla. But despite the low price and the improved suspension, sales of the Yaris have plummeted in recent years. In 2008, more than 100,000 units were sold domestically. By 2011, Toyota sold less than a third of that number, or just 32,704, and it is on track to move even fewer units this year. notes that “the first-generation of the Yaris was passable at best,” but that recent models are much-improved and “easy to like.”

6. Chevrolet Sonic
> Base price: $14,200
> YTD sales: 75,257
> Vehicle type: four-cylinder, four-door sedan

The Chevrolet Sonic comes in both a sedan and a hatchback, with the hatchback costing just $600 more. Both models get 40 mpg on the highway, have a turbo engine and were given a five-star safety ranking by J.D. Power and Associates. Sales of the Sonic have fluctuated over the years. In 2007, the model sold 67,000 units. In just two years, the number of cars purchased in the U.S. fell by 45% to just 38,500. However, this year, the car has already sold more than 75,000 units, with a month of sales to go.