Companies That Owe Employees a Raise

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5. Yum! Brands
> 1-yr. stock price change: -3.95%
> 5-yr. stock price change: 68.74%
> Employees: 523,000
> CEO pay: $14,168,355

Yum! Brands — which includes fast food chains KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell — is another company that is well known for paying a large portion of its workers either minimum wage or just slightly over that. For example, a crew member at Taco Bell makes an average of jthust $7.76 an hour, according to Glassdoor. Meanwhile, the company’s chairman and CEO, David Novak, received more than $14 million in 2010 and 2012, as well as more than $20 million in 2011. Though restaurant workers at Yum! Brands chains are not unionized, they have gone on strike in recent months, seeking higher pay. Meanwhile, Yum!’s stock price has soared almost 70% in the past five years as both revenue and earnings have increased solidly in recent years.

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6. DirecTV
> 1-yr. stock price change: 15.29%
> 5-yr. stock price change: 123.89%
> Employees: 27,200
> CEO pay: $18,043,266

DirecTV has performed very well in recent years, providing handsome rewards to shareholders. In the past five years, the company’s stock price has risen nearly 124%, compared to a roughly 15% increase in the S&P 500 during that time. Like the other companies on this list, DirectTV’s CEO is paid very well, taking home more than $18 million in 2012. But like other cable providers, its call-center workers and technicians are generally paid relatively low wages. According to the American Customer Service Index, DirecTV provided slightly better customer service than many of its competitors. However, DirecTV’s reputation took a hit last year when it lost the rights to broadcast certain cable channels because of a dispute with Viacom over licensing fees. The blackout ended within weeks when an agreement between the two companies was reached.

7. Public Storage
> 1-yr. stock price change: 18.57%    
> 5-yr. stock price change: 80.87%
> Employees: 5,000
> CEO pay: $15,339,125

Public Storage operates more than 142 million square feet of rentable self-storage space across the world. The business has been exceptionally profitable in recent years, with a net profit margin of 50%, third-highest of any company on the S&P 500. The company reported a net profit of more than $939 million on revenue of more than $1.8 billion in 2012. Public storage has also provided stellar returns to investors over the last five years, at nearly 81% versus 16% for the S&P 500. But the company’s 5,000 employees have not been as lucky as its investors and managers — including CEO Ronald Havner, Jr., who took home over $15 million last year. A large number of the company’s currently open positions in retail sales pay roughly $9 to $10 dollars an hour .

8. Time Warner Cable
> 1-yr. stock price change: 22.03%
> 5-yr. stock price change: 8.83%
> Employees: 50,250
> CEO pay: $17,352,728

In the last year, Time Warner Cable’s stock price has risen by roughly 22%, better than the 18% rise in the S&P 500 during that time. The CEO has been compensated quite well during the same time, receiving more than $17 million in 2010 and 2012, and more than $16 million in 2011. But customer service positions and field technicians tend to receive average wages of between $12 to $15 an hour. The company does have its shortcomings. Unlike DirecTV and AT&T, Time Warner Cable actually scored worse on the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

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