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10 Most Expensive Places to Get Married

10. South Florida
> Average wedding cost: $38,155
> Cost of reception venue:  $16,968
> Reception venue as pct. of total cost: 44.5%
> Median household income: N/A

Very few of the most expensive wedding destinations in the country are in the South. One exception is South Florida, which includes Miami, where nuptials cost on average $38,155. Not every wedding expense is high in South Florida, but some items are costly. Floral arrangements cost nearly $2,900, which exceeds the national average by more than $700. By contrast, transportation for the wedding party costs $626 on average, which is cheaper than the $767 average for the country as a whole. Some of the most expensive venues in the area include the Tideline Resort in Palm Beach and Casa Marina in Key West.

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9. Boston, Massachusetts
> Average wedding cost: $38,665
> Cost of reception venue: $18,947
> Reception venue as pct. of total cost: 49%
> Median household income: $72,907

New England is home to several of the most expensive regions in the country to host a wedding — and Boston is the most expensive major city in the area. The largest share of the price tag in the city comes from renting the venue, with the bill for that averaging just under $19,000. The average U.S. wedding venue accounts for 44.9% of the total wedding cost, while in Boston, it accounts for 49% of the total cost. Some of the more expensive venues in Boston include the Peabody Essex Museum, the Mansion on Turner Hill, and the Boston Harbor Hotel.

8. Connecticut
> Average wedding cost: $38,925
> Cost of reception venue:  $18,812
> Reception venue as pct. of total cost: 48.3%
> Median household income: $67,098

As a relatively affluent state in New England, it is not surprising that Connecticut is an expensive place to hold a wedding. The average cost per guest is just under $100, compared to $68 nationally. Hiring photographers and entertainers is notably expensive in Connecticut, too. For example, a photographer costs on average of $3,161 compared to a national figure of $2,556, while a DJ costs $1,528 compared to $1,124 nationally. Connecticut wedding venues can range from elegant waterfront mansions, such as the Branford House, to rustic farm-to-table experiences, such as the Barns at Wesleyan Hills.