Special Report

The Most Popular Brand in Each State

46. Virginia
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 3,915,820

Nationwide, Google reported nearly 4 million searches for Samsung in the 12 months through September. By contrast, Samsung’s search volume was in line with UPS, about 3 million less than Apple’s, and far below Facebook’s more than 400 million searches over that period. In Virginia, Internet users are more interested in Samsung than users in any other state.

47. Washington
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 68,000,000

Washington residents are more interested in Amazon than any other brand. This is at least partly due to the fact that the massive online distributor is headquartered in Seattle. As is the case for several other most-searched brands, many Internet users searching for Amazon are likely interested in items available for purchase through the site, and less so the brand itself.

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48. West Virginia
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 45,500,000

Like Washington, where Amazon is the most popular brand, many West Virginians searching for eBay are likely interested in the wares available on the site rather than in the company itself. Nonetheless, the online marketplace is the most popular searched brand among West Virginians.

49. Wisconsin
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 5,000,000

Kohl’s is the fourth most Googled retail brand in the country after Nordstrom, Nike, and Macy’s. Searches for Kohl’s are most highly concentrated in Wisconsin, where the company was founded and is still headquartered. Kohl’s was the subject of negative press in Wisconsin in the past year after a $62 million job-creation grant given to the company by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation yielded less than 500 of the grant’s 3,000 expected jobs.

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50. Wyoming
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 6,120,000

Budweiser and Gillette are just as popular as Expedia.com among Wyoming residents. However, search volume for Expedia far exceeds those of the other brands. Nationwide, there were more than 6 million searches for the online travel agency. Wyoming, as home to some of the nation’s most visited national parks, is a popular destination for travelers. It also may be a popular place to leave for some during the brutal winter months.