Special Report

The Largest Employer in Every State

48. West Virginia
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 12,454

As of early March Walmart employed some 12,454 people in the state, more than any other employer, and according to the company’s website, tangentially supports another 5,657 jobs in the state through its relationships with its suppliers.

49. Wisconsin
> Largest employer:
University of Wisconsin
> Employee headcount: 40,000+

Across its 24 campuses, the University of Wisconsin system employs over 40,000 state residents, more than any other organization in the state. Aurora Health Care, another major employer in Wisconsin, claims to be the state’s largest employer. However, when accounting for employment across the entire university system, the University of Wisconsin is the largest employer in the state.

50. Wyoming
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 4,647

As is the case in many other states, Walmart is the largest employer in Wyoming. However, while some states have hundreds of Walmart locations, Wyoming has only 14. The company employs 4,647 people in the state as of March 4th, and claims to pay full-time employees an average wage of $13.56 an hour, considerably more than the state’s $7.25 minimum hourly wage.