Special Report

The Largest Employer in Every State

6. Colorado
> Largest employer:
University of Colorado
> Employee headcount: 30,000

While the United States Air Force Academy, which is based in Colorado, is a major employer in the state, as is Colorado’s state government, they were excluded from the rank. Trailing the military and other state-run institutions, which were excluded from our analysis, the University of Colorado is the state’s largest employer. Systemwide, the university employs approximately 30,000 workers in Colorado.

7. Connecticut
> Largest employer:
Yale New Haven Health System
> Employee headcount: 20,396

With 20,396 total employees, Yale New Haven Health System is the largest employer in Connecticut. The hospital has approximately 1.8 million outpatient encounters — individuals who are treated but not necessarily admitted to the medical center — each year.

Last year, the largest employer was United Technologies Corp. After selling its helicopter division, Sikorsky, the aerospace company’s employee headcount dropped from around 24,500 to an estimated 16,000.

8. Delaware
> Largest employer:
Christiana Care Health System
> Employee headcount: 11,100

As is the case in a handful of other states, the largest employer in Delaware is a health care system. The Christiana Care Health System includes two hospitals with over 1,100 patient beds each.

9. Florida
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 104,228

Walmart has over 100,000 associates and over 350 brick-and-mortar locations in Florida, making it the largest employer in the third most populous state in the country. The company claims average wages of $13.51 per hour for its full-time workers, considerably more than the $8.05 government mandated minimum hourly wage.

10. Georgia
> Largest employer:
> Employee headcount: 57,276

The largest employer in Georgia, Walmart provides jobs for some 57,276 state residents, as of March 4th. According to the company’s website, an additional 107,783 supplier jobs are supported by Walmart’s presence in the state. Of the 212 Walmart locations in Georgia, 152 are Supercenters — stores that are typically open 24 hours a day and sell groceries as well as merchandise.