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Top Selling Products From Each State

The farm pigs, Pork
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41. South Dakota
> Largest export: Pork
> 2015 pork value: $0.14 billion
> Pct. change in pork export value (2014-2015): -26.4%
> Pork as share of total state exports: 10.3%

South Dakota farms raise some 4.0 million head of cattle and 1.4 million pigs. Although the state raises more commercial cattle, it is pork that is the state’s largest export. Pork accounts for more than a 10th of the value of all exports out of South Dakota, while beef accounts for only 2%. The majority of exports out of the state, including pork, end up in Canada or Mexico.

Downtown Nashville
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42. Tennessee
> Largest export: Cars and passenger vehicles
> 2015 cars and passenger vehicles value: $2.57 billion
> Pct. change in cars and passenger vehicles export value (2014-2015): -2.5%
> Cars and passenger vehicles as share of total state exports: 7.9%

Boasting a favorable corporate tax climate, many automakers have assembly plants in Tennessee. Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has its North American headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, and a major assembly plant in Smyrna. In addition, General Motors has a manufacturing plant in Spring Hill, and German automaker Volkswagen has manufacturing operations in Chattanooga. All told, more than 100,000 Tennessee residents work in auto manufacturing.
With some of the world’s largest automakers operating in the state, Tennessee’s most valuable export is passenger vehicles. The state shipped $2.6 billion worth of cars in 2015, accounting for nearly 8% of all exports.

Oil well and Storage Tanks, Texas
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43. Texas
> Largest export: Petroleum
> 2015 petroleum value: $48.08 billion
> Pct. change in petroleum export value (2014-2015): -23.9%
> Petroleum as share of total state exports: 19.2%

The largest oil producing state, Texas accounts for 44% of total U.S. crude oil production annually. Texas is also by far the largest oil exporter of any state, having shipped $48.08 billion worth of in 2015.

While the oil and gas extraction industry employs nearly 300,000 Texans, the worldwide drop in oil prices has had a significant negative impact the on the state’s economy. Tens of thousands of Texas oil workers have been laid off since 2014, and the state’s petroleum exports have fallen 23.9%.

Nugget of Gold
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44. Utah
> Largest export: Gold
> 2015 gold value: $5.10 billion
> Pct. change in gold export value (2014-2015): 34.2%
> Gold as share of total state exports: 38.4%

Utah exports more gold than any state other than New York. The state exported $5.1 billion worth of gold in 2015, far more than any other product. While gold remains Utah’s most valuable export, its share of total exports declined dramatically. Compared to 2012, when gold exports accounted for some 76% of Utah’s total exports, gold exports accounted for half that in 2015, or just 38.4%.

Gold’s dramatic decline as a share of Utah’s total exports is likely tied to its fluctuating value. The price of gold hit a five-year low at the end of 2015 after reaching nearly a record high in 2012.

Computer Processor
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45. Vermont
> Largest export: Processors
> 2015 processors value: $1.02 billion
> Pct. change in processors export value (2014-2015): -27.5%
> Processors as share of total state exports: 32.2%

Vermont’s high-tech industry has been expanding over the past two decades, from approximately 1,500 establishments in 1998 to an estimated 2,700 today. While the share of workers employed in the high-tech industry in Vermont is below the national average, the state’s top three exports — processors, circuits, and computer parts — are technology products. Vermont exported $1.02 billion worth of processors in 2015, nearly one-third of the state’s total export revenue.