Cities Where Hurricanes Would Cause the Most Damage

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Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predict 2017 will be a worse than average hurricane season, with between 11 and 17 named storms, including between two and four major hurricanes.

The frequency and intensity of hurricanes during the season — which stretches for nearly half the year, from the beginning of June through the end of November — can be difficult to predict. It only takes one storm hitting in the right place to damage hundreds of thousands of homes and cause tens of billions of dollars in damage.

While a single storm will never hit every vulnerable city along the Atlantic and Gulf coastlines, nearly 6.9 million homes, with a total reconstruction cost value of over $1.5 trillion, are at risk of damage from flooding caused by hurricanes. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the number of homes at risk and the estimated construction costs for U.S. metro areas along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from data analytics company CoreLogic. The 15 cities vulnerable to the greatest damage are listed in order of the number of homes at risk of destruction from flooding due to rainfall and storm surge.

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