Bing Predicts: NFL Week 2 Games

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Week one of the 2017 NFL season is in the books, as are some very unexpected results. Few would have predicted that last year’s Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, would be picked apart by the Kansas City Chiefs in their first game of the season. And anyone who correctly called Houston’s 29-7 blowout loss to Jacksonville is likely buying a lottery ticket right now.

While there is always an element of unpredictability in the NFL, a careful analysis of team rosters, game history, and expert analysis will, more often than not, give you an idea of what to expect from the coming week.

If you’re betting with friends, are in a pick’em league, or are just curious, the prediction experts at Bing have run the numbers and have determined the likely outcomes for each of the 16 games planned for Thursday through Monday.

While there are a number of exciting matchups to consider for the week’s predictions, quarterback matchups will make Week 2 of the NFL season interesting to watch.
Three in particular stand out.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith opened strong. This week, the Chiefs face Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. Then, in New Orleans, Saints quarterback Drew Brees will look to have a better day than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who had an opening he’d like to forget. All eyes could be on Atlanta in the battle between Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and the Falcons’ Matt Ryan. Both had strong performances in their opening wins.

Bing’s NFL predictions use team and player statistics and web activity to build a statistical model that takes into account historical data and real-time information (like injuries, suspensions, and lineup changes). Finally, social sentiment adds a unique wisdom-of-the-crowd factor to the model. Learn more about Bing Predicts.

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